12 Prinzipien für Veränderungen im Coaching

Heute zeige ich Ihnen 12 Prinzipien für die härteste und schönste Aufgabe der Welt: Menschen bei gewünschten Veränderungen zu begleiten. Die 12 folgenden Ansatzpunkte können in Coaching und Beratung oder in der therapeutischen Arbeit angewendet werden. Tatsächlich sind es 12 Prinzipien, die aus neurowissenschaftlicher Sicht befürwortet werden.[1]1. Coaching und Beratung in der Praxis: Ein neurowissenschaftlich fundiertes […]

Limits To Growth: When Pushing Harder Doesn’t Do The Job

When Facing Resistance Don’t Push Harder, Remove The Limiting Factors With Growth Comes Resistance There are limits to growth. We see this in health, relationships, work performance or business. Product sales stagnate after flying high. Teams or individuals improve until they plateau. The changes in your diet help reduce weight until outcomes flatten. Plants grow […]

Shifting The Burden – Why Quick Fixes Bear The Risk To Make Things Worse

On Symptomatic and Fundamental Solutions Quick Fixes Shift The Burden All too often we are in a rush. We choose fast food over long-term well-being or we lie to preserve peace. However, a lot of short-term decisions create a burden later on. What if the lie is revealed? I assume we all like problems to […]

On The Power Of Labels, And Why We Must Choose Them Carefully

There Is No Problem Until We Say It Is The Double Character Of Disease With diseases, we can speak of a double character. First, there is a biological deviation. Then your doc labels that deviation as an illness. It’s a two-step process. I believe, Eliot Freidson was first to make this distinction. He is considered […]

Forget The Stress, Focus On Commitment

How To Create The Healthy And Productive Work Places We So Desperately Need Work & Wellbeing Health has become a guiding theme in modern society. Public interest proves that. So does the increasing interest in the work domain. However, there is a huge gap between the need for health promotion and supply of activities to […]